Appartement 't Huuske

Appartement in Zonnemaire - starting at: € 0,- per night

Luxury appartement with free panorama

On the reasonable touristic Isle of Schouwen-Duiveland you’ll find the pittoresque quiet village of Zonnemaire. Only one kilometre from the beautiful old little harbourtown Brouwershaven, and ancient villages like Dreischor and Zierikzee. The Grevelingenlake is only 500 m further and the North Sea coast abt. 7 km further. An ideal area for hikers, bycicle-riders, and for those who like any kind of watersport in a remote environment. On the border of Zonnemaire you will find our typical ‘farm’. The appartement is situated separately of the house (sep. entrance) and has a splendid vieuw over the acres of Zonnemaire. The appartement is suitable for 2 persons. You’ll first enter a room with kitchen, fully equipped for making your own breakfast, and enough space to sit down and relax. The first flour of the apparement has a separate bathroom (shower and toilet), double boxspring bed, flatscreen television, beautiful vieuw. We supply clean towels and silk bedlinnen. For those who stay longer, the bedlinnen is cleaned once a week, towels every time after using them.

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Info :

  • Appartement 't Huuske
  • Address: Blooisedijk 22
  • 4316 AT Zonnemaire
  • Prices starting at: € 0,- per night
Contactperson: Ingrid Visser
Phone: 0111-401162/402055

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  • Appartement 't Huuske
  • Address: Blooisedijk 22
  • 4316 AT Zonnemaire
  • Phone: 0111-401162/402055

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