Hotel en Restaurant Lubbelinkhof - Odoorn - Drenthe

cijferStriking contemporary interiors and a terrific restaurant make this restored farmhouse a must in Drenthe.

Until recently, a weekend in Drenthe meant spartan lodgings in an old farmhouse filled with bric-a-brac or camping in the open fields. Thus, it was a surprise to us and a delight that Hotel Restaurant Lubbelinkhof opened its doors to those seeking a luxurious, modern weekend hotel with a terrific restaurant.

From the outside, Lubbelinkhof looks like any other farmhouse in Drenthe. But when we stepped inside, we were transported into the sophisticated interior of a boutique hotel that one would normally find in London or New York. The contrast between the cozy country atmosphere of Odoorn and the sophisticated interiors of Lubbelinkhof could not be more striking. Wooden floors, creamy white walls and a neutral color scheme whose serenity is punctuated every now and then by the strategic use of color: chairs covered in blue, russet and apple green fabric and luscious flower arrangements dominate the lobby.

The restaurant is just as tastefully decorated with soft subtle accents and auburn walls. And the kitchen did not disappoint! The food is terrific and the service first-rate. When we visited, autumn was in full swing. We savoured the terrine of wild mushrooms and goose liver, followed by pheasant and wild boar, and topped off by a dessert of cranberry cake. After a few seconds of guilt, we settled into cozy chairs by the fireplace to enjoy a glass of dessert wine and a book. The one thing that struck us about Lubbelinkhof was how much we loved spending time in the common area, which is more like a large cozy living room than an anonymous hotel lobby.

Of course, no weekend in Drenthe would be complete without some kind of physical activity, if only to work off all those fantastic meals. We cycled through fields and woods, past the kitschy Kabouterland in Exloo, ancient burial mounds (“hunnebedden”) dotted around the country side, and through quaint villages that seem lost in time. For the artistically inclined there is also a Kunstroute and a ceramic museum / factory (“aardwerkfabriek”) in Nieuw Buinen that makes Delft blue pottery.

At the end of the day, we settled into our room, a large executive suite with fluffy pillows and soft bed linens. Like the rest of the hotel, the interior of our room gave us a feeling of peace. The white creamy walls contrasted with the warmth of the wooden floors and the red fabric-covered chairs. The bathroom with its immense bathtub and heated floors provided additional entertainment.

One does not need to go all the way to London to enjoy the comforts of a modern, sophisticated boutique hotel with a terrific kitchen. The trip to Odoorn takes less time and in the end, Drenthe is simply a more relaxing place.
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