Hotel Bommelje - Domburg - Zeeland

cijferHotel Bommeljé combines trendy, modern interiors with the laid-back atmosphere of a beach getaway. And the food is great, too!

Looking for a quiet seaside retreat in Zeeland can be a frustrating experience. Without the advice of friends, we might have ended up in an rowdy spot like Renesse or a bustling port like Vlissingen. Fortunately, we ended up in Domburg, a charming village behind the dunes, where the busiest it ever got was at the end of the day when visitors and locals piled into the cozy cafes that line the main street.

As we drove slowly into the village, past endless dreary “familie hotels” with their plastic chairs and cheap flower-print curtains, we started to get nervous. Would Apparthotel Bommelje look as good as it did in glossy magazine photos?

The moment we stepped into the lobby, we entered into another world, far away from the Zeeland of vacation houses (vakantiewoningen) and pensions: white-washed wooden furniture, black and white tiled floors, and quirky art on the walls. Because the hotel is located at the end of the village against the dunes, there is little car traffic and the tranquility is overwhelming. We felt we were guests at a chic resort on the French Atlantic coast or in the Hamptons outside New York.

Our room was no different. Black and white stripped headboards against the bed, soft white fabric chairs, warm neutral colors and wooden tables lent the overall feel of a chic beach cottage. Nothing was jarring to the eye or out of proportion The bathroom was small and simple, but still tastefully laid out. To be honest, we weren’t paying much attention to the bathroom. We raced to unpack our bags, jumped into our swimsuits and headed down to the beach just behind the hotel.

After a marvelous day on the beach, swimming and taking short walks across the dunes, we headed back to the hotel for dinner at Bommelje’s restaurant, a culinary pearl in an area where restaurants still serve everything with French fries and steak is the most adventurous thing on the menu.

The restaurant, called B, is a delight to dine in. The red chairs and wooden furniture against black and white tiles lend a refined urban feel. The menu varies from day to day but one thing stays constant: everything is incredibly fresh and delicious, from the seafood to the salads, and the kitchen stays away from steak-and-fries. Indeed, Restaurant B looks and feels like a trendy city restaurant, but with a breezy, relaxed seaside ambiance. Couples and families feel at home here, thanks to the excellent service and warm, friendly welcome from the staff.

All this came as no surprise to us when we finally met Peter Bommelje, the owner and member of a hotel-running family in Domburg, who exuded the same enthusiasm and friendliness. Years ago, Peter had dreamed of creating something more stylish and modern, a radical departure from the “familiepensions” that plague much of Zeeland.

He has succeeded in doing that and judging from the cheerful faces of the other guests at dinner, I suspect that we are all terribly grateful.

  • Hotel Bommelje
  • Rooms start at Euro 110,-
  • Herenstraat 24
  • 4357 AL Domburg
  • 0118 581684
decor Score_5
location Score_4
facilities Score_3
kitchen Score_4
service Score_4
price/quality Score_4

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