Hotel De Dikke van Dale

Hotel in Sluis - starting at: € 165,- per room per night

Luxurious relaxation in a historic setting.

Hotel History Hotel De Dikke van Dale Sluis has plenty of character. Due to its hight and distinctive shapes the construction can be seen from far away. The building dates from the end of the 19th century and was originally designed as a monastery for Belgian monks. During the 2nd world war, it was used by the military. After the war, the building was transformed into a hotel-restaurant. As the building didn’t meet the modern standards anymore it closed its doors a few years ago. Due to its unique location and its extraordinary construction, Hotel De Dikke van Dale will become once again the business card for Sluis.

Hotel Description The entire old building has completely been renovated. A large new part of the existing hotel is built and will complete the existing architecture of the original building. The rooms at the front side have a view of the central courtyard. The rooms at the rear side of the hotel will overlook the magnificent historic city fortification walls of Sluis. The hotel offers a spacious underground parking, terraces, a central courtyard, a luxurious restaurant with terrace, a cosy brasserie and bar with open fire and multifunctional seminar facilities.

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Info :

  • Hotel De Dikke van Dale
  • Address: St-annastraat 46
  • 4524 JE Sluis
  • Number of rooms: 64
  • Prices starting at: € 165,- per room per night
Contactperson: Laurens Van Rij
Phone: 0117 456010

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  • Hotel De Dikke van Dale
  • Address: St-annastraat 46
  • 4524 JE Sluis
  • Phone: 0117 456010

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