Weekendhotel review system

Users of Weekendhotel can send in reviews. These reviews are send to the editors of Weekendhotel and forwarded to the hotels as usefull feedback.

Reviews can - at the moment - only be added by vistors who "booked" with our email te owner service. They automatically receive a review invitation by email.

Publication of reviews
We DONT just simply publish the review. This we find to simplistic and also too unreliable.

Reviews are therefore checked by the editors of Weekendhotel. Only the positive part of the reviews (score 6 or higher) is published on the hotelpages.

Both sides of the story
New reviews are forwarded to the hotels, the hotels can -in case of complaints- send a comment about it to the editors of Weekendhotel. This way we hear both sides of the story

Weekendhotel does not mediate between hotels and reviewers (in case of complaints). The reviewer is and stays anonymous.

Weekendhotel selection
This reviewsystem gives Weekendhotel continuous input on the quality of our selection. Addresses we get serious complaints about are re-evaluated and removed if needed.

All this to guarantee our slogan: Weekendhotel - the nicest addresses of the Netherlands and Belgium.


Always on the lookout for nice addresses

We search the internet, ask around and also get lots of tips from users of our site. We base our initial selection on the info we find on the websites of the hotels.

The nicest addresses we visit personally. Addresses we get complaints about are re-evaluated and removed if needed. Keep us informed!

Have a nice stay!

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