Hotel en Restaurant Lubbelinkhof

Hotel in Odoorn - starting at: € 95,- per room per night

Hotel & Restaurant Lubbelinkhof- A Hampshire Classic Hotel

On the northern outskirts of Emmen, in the heart of the wooded Honds Rug hill range and its famous megalithic monuments, Lubbelinkhof- A Hampshire Classic Hotel is a charming four star hotel and a reputed gourmet restaurant. The Hotel is formed by an old farmhouse topped with a huge thatched roof and a new modern wing, both surrounded by lush and peaceful gardens. The hotel is a successful mix of green surroundings, rustic setting and stylish contemporary design interiors, enhanced with soothing shades and plenty of natural light. The atmosphere is of cosiness and casual elegance throughout, with welcoming lounges and shaded terraces. At the restaurant, housed in the ancient farmhouse, culinary creations are accompanied by an excellent wine list and served in the bright and cosy dining room or al fresco on the terrace in summer. Accommodation is distributed between the two wings and comprises three types of rooms: Standard, Executive and Executive Deluxe. All rooms are fitted with every modern conveniences such as modem connection, satellite tv and comfortable armchairs.Major attractions in the region include Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre, Orvelte Village Museum, Emmen Zoo and Honds Rug megalithic monuments. Surrounding Lubbelinkhof, the region landmark is the concentration of Dolmen megalithic monuments in the Honds Rug (Dogs Ridge), a low range of wooded hills running over sixty kilometres along the German border from Emmen to Groningen.

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Info :

  • Hotel en Restaurant Lubbelinkhof
  • Address: Hoofdstraat 19
  • 7873 TA Odoorn
  • Number of rooms: 32
  • Prices starting at: € 95,- per room per night
Contactperson: Gerfried Hoogeveen
Phone: 0591 535111

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  • Hotel en Restaurant Lubbelinkhof
  • Address: Hoofdstraat 19
  • 7873 TA Odoorn
  • Phone: 0591 535111

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  • Rating: 8
  • Reviewer: Utrecht - Hollande, 35-44, date: 24-11-2008.
  • Behulpzame en attente staf. Hotel is goed gelegen tov attracties en natuur evenals een steenworp van Emmen - wat een leuk centrum met aantrekkelijk winkels blijkt te hebben! Gezellige 'lounge' bij ingang van het hotel.

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  • Reviewer: One of our mysteryguests
  • Dit hotel probeert eigen-handig het wat oubollige imago van Drenthe om te turnen, en dat lukt aardig.

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