B&B Nummer15

Chambre dhote in Groningen - starting at: € 30,- per room per night

A friendly and surprising B&B near the city centre.

On the 2nd floor of this beautiful mansion-house, built in 1920, you will find Bed & Breakfast Nummer15. It's located near the centre of Groningen. The distance from the Central Station and the Groninger Museum is a 5 minutes walk.

There are two rooms available. In room 1 you will find a double bed and plenty of space to sit down; room 2 has two 1 person (twin) beds and a balcony. Colour television and DVD-player are available in both rooms.

There is a guest toilet and bathroom and you can prepare your own coffee or tea. You can also make use of the sauna (not included in the price).

The guest bathroom and toilet are of particular interest. The walls and floors consist entirely of mosaics inspired by Hundertwasser (an architect and artist from Austria).

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Info :

  • B&B Nummer15
  • Address: Peizerweg 15
  • 9726 JA Groningen
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Prices starting at: € 30,- per room per night
Contactperson: Kees Faber
Phone: 06 40229489

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  • B&B Nummer15
  • Address: Peizerweg 15
  • 9726 JA Groningen
  • Phone: 06 40229489

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