Kaatjes Résidence

Hotel in Blokzijl - starting at: € 150,- per room per night

Stay were design and countryside meet eachother

Unique accommodation in Kaatjes Residence, in the middle of Blokzijl, on the waterside. From the hotel there is a view of the water and the busy lock. Blokzijl is a lovely small town with excellent (starred) restaurants and historical buildings. It is located in the famous De Weerribben area. In the Golden Age, Blokzijl was a thriving trade city at the Zuiderzee which can be seen in the houses of rich traders, the narrow streets and the harbour clock. The busy lock makes it a lively little town. Kaatjes Residence was built in 1860 as a private house but was completely renovated last year and turned into a hotel. The house is luxurious and comfortable with a modern atmosphere. The residence has 7 rooms with every conceivable modcon (bridal suites on request). Breakfast is served in the conservatory and when the weather is good you the garden is open.

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Info :

  • Kaatjes Résidence
  • Address: Zuiderstraat 1
  • 8356 DZ Blokzijl
  • Number of rooms: 7
  • Prices starting at: € 150,- per room per night
Contactperson: Josee Haak
Phone: 0527 208580

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  • Kaatjes Résidence
  • Address: Zuiderstraat 1
  • 8356 DZ Blokzijl
  • Phone: 0527 208580

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