Hotel Villa des Roses

Hotel in Aywaille - starting at: € 40,- per room per night

In the Family Hausman since 1936

Revel in the natural beauty surrounding the Villa des Roses and enjoy a truly gastronomic holiday amidst the wonderful valley of the Amblève River.

Jean-Louis and Lucia offer you a personal welcome to their romantic establishment. A family hotel and restaurant since 1936, this country-style house exudes a traditional charm and elegance that provides a soothing atmosphere for your stay. After a delectable breakfast, you can decide to have a morning stroll along the river and breathe in the fresh air. Explore the charming villages in the area and try some exciting outdoor sports, such as climbing, canoeing or mountain biking.

You can also venture out a little further to visit the city of Spa, famous for its mineral springs, or the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. Back at the hotel, the wonderful rose garden offers the perfect backdrop to your afternoon drink. Let Jean-Louis’ enticing cooking tempt you and indulge in some gourmet delights.

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Info :

  • Hotel Villa des Roses
  • Address: 4,avenue De La Liberation
  • 4920 Aywaille
  • Number of rooms: 9
  • Prices starting at: € 40,- per room per night
Contactperson: Geoffroy Hausman
Phone: 0032 43844236

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  • Hotel Villa des Roses
  • Address: 4,avenue De La Liberation
  • 4920 Aywaille
  • Phone: 0032 43844236

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