Hotel & Restaurant De Zon - Ommen - Overijssel

cijferModern artsy hotel on the banks of the river in Ommen for weekends cycling or walking in the woods.

Anyone who doubts that there is splendid accommodation and good food in Ommen has never heard of Hotel & Restaurant De Zon. We know Ommen area for its nature parks, woods and quaint villages, but not fine hotels and sophisticated cuisine. So we were quite naturally skeptical as we headed for Hotel & Restaurant De Zon.

De Zon is situated on the Vecht right in the heart of Ommen, a few minutes away from the center of town. The building looks like a concrete bunker but once inside, the visitor is rewarded with a well-designed interior artfully decorated with fine paintings, luxurious leather chairs and sofas, and a fireplace all leading towards a delightful terrace that overlooks the river and the town of Ommen. There we sat shortly after our arrival having a delicious lunch in the sun, watching a stream of campers and cars filled with sleeping bags and tents, crawling slowly past the main intersection, on their way to the numerous camping grounds in the area.

We discovered why the area around Ommen is popular for camping holidays and long weekends away from the city. Barely an hour and a half from Amsterdam, we found ourselves cycling through endless woods and enchanting manor estates, ancient farmhouses and tiny villages. Despite the busyness of the period (the start of the summer holiday season), we came across very few people in the woods and nature parks. The town of Ommen is a different story. We arrived at the beginning of the holiday season and found ourselves pressed into in very crowded local VVV filled with adults and children rummaging through maps and leaflets. While the old town hall and other historic buildings have been lovingly preserved, the character of the town has been ruined forever by tacky shops selling cheap unremarkable merchandise, bland chain stores, uninspiring cafes and tastelessly decorated restaurants.

We were thankful to have de Zon to turn to for our lunches and dinners, and they did not disappoint. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh products from the local region and creating truly delicious innovative dishes. The service is of a high calibre, professional but always warm and friendly. The lounge areas are comfortable and perfect for reading or playing cards. Those who come back from long bike rides can also head upstairs to the sauna and solarium. The rooms are spacious with roomy bathrooms and closets, and many have views onto the river and the town.

Perhaps the only unfortunate aspect of our stay was the busyness of the holiday period. The noise from motorcycles and cars pulling trailers streaming into Ommen, right past the terrace where we were enjoying the sun, is unnerving, not to mention the huge traffic jams right at the junction by the hotel. Despite that, de Zon exceeded our expectations and there is no doubt that we will return, but during the off-season.
decor Score_4
location Score_4
facilities Score_3
kitchen Score_4
service Score_4
price/quality Score_3

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