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cijferRelax and pamper yourself in this ultimate country retreat deep in the woods of Twente.

We were looking for a place to flee from the hectic urban life and when we came across the Hotellerie de Holtweijde, we knew this was it. Tucked away in a remote corner of the Netherlands just a stone’s throw from the German border, Holtweijde is surrounded by forests and farms in a mysterious landscape where locals still speak in hushed tones about the “witte wiefkes”, ghostly women in white who haunt ancient burial mounds scattered across Twente. Holtweijde is the ultimate country retreat, but unlike other accommodations in the area, it is modern and luxurious, and lives up to the standards that urban visitors come to expect.

Although Holtweijde is a large hotel (82 rooms), we never got the feeling that we were staying in an anonymous hotel complex. The clever landscaping and architecture, where cottages are hidden behind trees and spread out into the surrounding farmland, gave us the impression that we were simply wandering through a small village. Nearly all of the cottages constructed in the local architectural style (lots of wooden details and “geveltekens”) and every one of them is airy and spacious. We stayed in the “landhuis suite” (the bottom floor of a cottage) with a living room, fireplace, a large bathroom with heated floors, a bedroom and patio. From our living room and bedroom, we could watch horses galloping across the endless farmland and listen to nothing but the twittering of birds. Indeed, the first things we noticed upon arriving were the sheer variety of different bird calls and the complete absence of noise.

We could have sat beneath the trees and read books all day but we decided to be active instead (perhaps in anticipation of the three-course dinners at the restaurant). We rented bikes at the hotel and set out to explore the surroundings. We cycled into a forest/nature reserve called Springendaal, past farms and houses with Saxon “geveltekens”. It was remarkable that we came across very few people during this tour. This is truly a sparsely populated part of the country where one can still wander about without encountering a barrage of trucks, cars, cyclists and pedestrians. When we tired of the countryside, we ventured into the little village of Ootmarsum, which to our surprise, had been turned into a haven for art galleries and chic little shops. The town itself was a center of trade in the 1600s where German merchants came to trade their goods and unlike other towns in the area, it has not been overrun by snack bars and tacky tourist souvenir stores.

When we returned to the hotel, we decided to go for a swim. Holtweijde has a fantastic indoor swimming pool (heated of course) which is long enough to swim laps and is much larger than most hotel swimming pools. Better yet, there are all sorts of buttons one can push on the different sides of the pool to make the water bubble, gush and gurgle, a real spa experience! After amusing ourselves endlessly with the high tech elements of the pool, we decided it was time to try out the restaurant.

The restaurant really lives up to its reputation for good food and excellent service. We feasted on coquilles St. Jacques and tuna sashimi, luscious salads and desserts. Everything was fresh, light, utterly delicious and terribly pleasing to look at. And after a day of cycling and swimming, we felt we deserved a fabulous dinner. On our first night there, half of the guests were dining outside underneath the trees with sweeping views across the fields. However, the next day when the weather turned cold and nasty, everyone had moved inside where a cozy fire kept us company. The restaurant is in the oldest part of the hotel and resembles an old farmhouse, with wooden beams and dark wood panelling, giving it a country feel. The rest of the hotel is quite modern and indeed, is outfitted for business conferences and spa/facial treatments.

After a weekend at Holtweijde, cycling, walking and swimming, we felt rejuvenated and fit (despite the three-course meals), and spoiled by the wonderful service and warm welcome extended to us by the hotel staff. But it isn’t just a place for the actively inclined. Holtweijde offers a variety of spa treatments and facials (the Vitaalinstitut) for those who would rather be pampered. And for the ultimate in luxury and decadence, there is a bridal suite with panoramic views onto the surrounding meadows, in-room whirlpool bath, spacious living and bed rooms.
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