La Heid des Pairs

Hotel in Spa - starting at: € 79,- per room per night

Lots of space, peace and quiet is what you'll find here!

The owners will welcome you in their historic villa. They speak English (as well), and will serve breakfast at your table. Half board is possible, as well as ordering a packed lunch for your hikes. Or just have a drink near the fireplace or on the terrace.The 8 romantic hotel rooms are all different and wear titles of nobility. The Princesse and Duchesse are spacious as suites and have a large balcony. The Marquise’s french doors open to the balcony as well. The hotel’s interior will remind you of past centuries, when the healthy spring water of Spa attracted queens and princes from all over Europe.The hotel is located at 200 metres from the public road, in a huge garden with ancient trees and swimming pool. It offers a free parking in front of it’s main entrance. A small paradise, only 1.5 km from the centre of Spa.

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Info :

  • La Heid des Pairs
  • Address: 143 Ave. Prof. Henrijean
  • 4900 Spa
  • Number of rooms: 8
  • Prices starting at: € 79,- per room per night
Contactperson: Sandra Van Vliet
Phone: 087 774346

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  • La Heid des Pairs
  • Address: 143 Ave. Prof. Henrijean
  • 4900 Spa
  • Phone: 087 774346

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