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Hotel in Schoorl - starting at: € 65,- per room per night

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The famous four star Maxima hotels Jan van Scorel is beautifully located in one of the most beautiful dune regions of Schoorl along the coast of North Holland. The National Park ‘The Schoorl dunes’ is the widest and most varied landscape along the Dutch coast. In the immediate surroundings of the picturesque Schoorl there are plenty possibilities for recreation such as hiking and biking through the dunes and forest of Schoorl, or unwind on the beach. In addition the villages of Groet, Bergen aan Zee, Bergen Binnen and the city of Alkmaar are easily accessible by bicycle.

Schoorl is the perfect place for lovers of peace and nature. Beautiful hiking trails and bike paths meandering between dunes and polder landscape, and a car free beach access (Schoorl aan Zee). Also for children there are plenty things to do such as climbing the highest dune of the Netherlands and many special activities organized by the rangers of Schoorl. Check the packages page, Hotel Jan van Scorel offers several packages; for everybody something!

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Info :

  • Maxima Hotels Jan van Scorel
  • Address: Heereweg 89
  • 1871 ED Schoorl
  • Number of rooms: 86
  • Prices starting at: € 65,- per room per night
    Ons hotel beschikt over familiekamers tot zes personen en is ook geschikt voor feesten en partijen. Bel voor de huidige prijs!
Contactperson: Jonker
Phone: +31 (0)72 5094444

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  • Maxima Hotels Jan van Scorel
  • Address: Heereweg 89
  • 1871 ED Schoorl
  • Phone: +31 (0)72 5094444

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