Slapen op Gos

Holiday home in Niawier - starting at: € 60,- per night

Holiday in Friesland

The peace and quiet of the country Frisian explore?
Or delicious bijkletsen with friends in a cozy environment?

A large luxury apartment or a nice cozy space group certainly capable of more than a day to stay.
But it can also cooperate with a group be hired. You will always be some guest or group.

The Lauwersmeer, this year 40 years and there are many events created by a committee activities. We can help you get that for you to find where your interests off. For info

Around the farm is a beautiful garden. Opportunities for reading, relaxing or a drink under the old pear tree.
The apartment accommodation (100 m2) consists of two linked attractive bright rooms with views of the camp.
The rooms are located on the front of the head-neck-torso farm on the first floor and have a private entrance.
There is a fully equipped kitchen with small dining room with internet access, and toilet.Geschikt for 2 to max 4 persons.
On the ground floor there is a large bathroom with several showers and toilet facilities.

The large room has a cozy living room with tv and music installation. Besides the fully equipped dining there are several banks in the living room, dining tables and chairs.
The bathroom has 3 showers, 5 sinks and 2 toilets.
The 2 bedroom has four beds in boxbed form two superimposed and 8 single duvets.
Suitable for 5 to max 8 people.
Together with the apartment 3 spacious bedrooms.

The group room has a private entrance through the garden.
In the garden there are several seats to enjoy the morning, as the setting Sunday

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Info :

  • Slapen op Gos
  • Address: Linepaed 7
  • 9138ST Niawier
  • Prices starting at: € 60,- per night
Contactperson: Anneke Graas
Phone: 0031648929402

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  • Slapen op Gos
  • Address: Linepaed 7
  • 9138ST Niawier
  • Phone: 0031648929402

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