Almenum Hotel

Hotel in Harlingen - starting at: € 57,- per room per night

a gateway to Friesland

.The 17th century warehouse was built in the 'Golden Age'of Harlingen. It houses six of the ten apartments of the city guest-house. Next to the warehouse the hotel consists of the former coach house situated next door, where the reception area and two hotel rooms have been established. Hotel Almenum is a perfect start for all kind of trips trough the Frisian country. The famous Frisian eleven cities tour. Take your time when visiting the historical small towns. Like Franeker, the former university with the planetarium of Eise Eisinga or Makkum with its reputed earthware plants or Workum with its Jopie Huisman Museum.Or take cover in Leeuwarden at a distance of 15 minutes by car. You will find there a surprising amount of shops, bars and restaurants. But also Amsterdam is attaineble within one our.

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Info :

  • Almenum Hotel
  • Address: Kruisstraat 8 - 14
  • 8861 EB Harlingen
  • Number of rooms: 12
  • Prices starting at: € 57,- per room per night
Contactperson: Ben van der Ham
Phone: 0517 417706

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  • Almenum Hotel
  • Address: Kruisstraat 8 - 14
  • 8861 EB Harlingen
  • Phone: 0517 417706

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