Hostellerie Ten Lande

Hotel in Beernem - starting at: € 75,- per room per night

Cosy familyhotel, close to Brugges, Gent and the coast!

Hostellerie "Ten Lande" is a villa built in English country-style, situated in a rural location. It is centrally situated in respect of Brugge, Gent, the coast and within easy reach from the E40 (exit number 10) or by train (station at 2 minutes by car). You will receive a warm and friendly reception from the owners and will certainly enjoy the traditional and stylish furnishings.There is a cosy snug area with open fire or a terrace where you can drink an aperitif or a cup of coffee. We have plenty of parking space, and on the rear site there is a private parking with a separate entrance to the rooms. Nearby there are pleasant country walks and cycling tours for the discerning nature-lover. There are internetfacillities in the hotel. Free WiFi

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Info :

  • Hostellerie Ten Lande
  • Address: Reigerlostraat 25
  • 8730 Beernem
  • facebook
  • Number of rooms: 8
  • Prices starting at: € 75,- per room per night
    Double room from € 82.50 per room breakfast included for two persons excluded citytax.
Contactperson: Adriaan Moot
Phone: +32 50-791000

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  • Hostellerie Ten Lande
  • Address: Reigerlostraat 25
  • 8730 Beernem
  • Phone: +32 50-791000

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